Project Description


Welex is the world’s leading manufacturer of high performance plastics sheet extrusion equipment. From their United States location, they supply extruders, coextruders, gear pumps, sheet take-offs and accessories to more than 70 countries worldwide.

“Thanks to CRG’s help with our project scheduling, page layout, paper selection, and the careful attention you gave to each and every detail. Welex has the finest catalogs we ever had and you completed them in record time.”

••• Nancy Lewis, Marketing Manager

A page from the book showing two different machines.
A series of brochures and newsletters for welex.
A display of the various products offered by the rideau daily news.
A set of brochures and cd 's for the welex company.


A blue background with many different icons on it.
A close up of a business graph with some lights
A close up of some metal pipes and bars
A city skyline with buildings lit up at night.
A doctor is standing with his arms crossed.
A close up of a golf ball on top of a tee.
A close up of several different types of peppers.
A blue lighthouse with the sky in the background