Project Description

Bethany Beach Triathlon/Duathlon

The Bethany Beach First Responders Sprinternational Triathlon-Duathlon is a USA Triathlon sanctioned event, produced by Seashore Striders Event Productions Inc., and has been designated as a 2012 Qualifying Event for One of the Best of the US Amateur Triathlete Competition. Proceeds benefit the Bethany Beach Volunteer Fire Company and First Responders. This inaugural event was a SELLOUT!

“I have directed races for 22 years and this was one of the finest events put together from start to finish!”

••• Tim Barnforth, Seashore Strider Event Production/Rehoboth Recreation Department

A group of flyers with different designs and colors.
A brochure with several stars on it.
A series of flyers and brochures for the bethany event.
A set of three posters advertising the bethany beach triathlon.


A blue background with many different icons on it.
A close up of a business graph with some lights
A close up of some metal pipes and bars
A city skyline with buildings lit up at night.
A doctor is standing with his arms crossed.
A close up of a golf ball on top of a tee.
A close up of several different types of peppers.
A blue lighthouse with the sky in the background