Project Description

American Hearing Aid Associates

AHAA was founded in 1994 to provide support and practice management services to hearing professionals at audiology clinics, hospitals and universities through the United States, and is the nation’s largest network of audiology and hearing healthcare professionals.

“Looks great! These are perfect!”

••• Rolando Corpus, Art Director

A couple of brochures are laying out on the ground
A set of brochures and flyers for a computer mouse.
A picture of an advertisement for a hearing aid.
A couple of posters that are hanging up
A series of brochures and advertisements for the elderly.


A blue background with many different icons on it.
A close up of a business graph with some lights
A close up of some metal pipes and bars
A city skyline with buildings lit up at night.
A doctor is standing with his arms crossed.
A close up of a golf ball on top of a tee.
A close up of several different types of peppers.
A blue lighthouse with the sky in the background